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Census 2010

2010-census-logosmallParticipation in the 2010 Census is without a doubt a top priority of the Latino agenda, and LCLAA is working hard to ensure that all Latinos are counted.

It is critical to have a complete count of all Latinos living in the United States to ensure a fair distribution of federal funds into every community. Vital public services and political representation for the next decade are what’s at stake. Census figures are used to distribute state and federal grants to local government for schools, roads, hospitals and many other services that benefit you, your family and your community.

Participating in the census enables your community to maximize its fair share of funding for the vital services you need. Also, it is the basis for creating legislative districts that provide Latinos with political representation at the local, state and federal level; political power and representation that we need to advance the Latino communities’ agenda.

The Census is safe, easy and confidential. All Census workers take the oath of non-disclosure and are sworn for life to protect the confidentiality of your data. The penalty for violating Title 13 of the law is a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment of up to five years, or both.  Individual census data cannot be shared with other government, commercial or law enforcement agencies.

By March 2010, each household will receive a questionnaire in the mail or in person Click here for sample form. April 1st, 2010 is Census Day, the official date when your census questionnaires should be returned by mail or delivered to a “Be Counted” site. If for any reason you need assistance, there will be Census workers visiting homes in your community to ensure you and your families are counted.

Everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, citizen and non-citizen alike, living in your household as of April 1st 2010 should be counted. This includes newborns and people who are not your direct relatives.

By Responding to the 10 questions that take literally 10 minutes to answer, you can make an incredible difference for our community. The 2010 Census is a once in a decade opportunity for us to stand up and be counted.

Continue to visit LCLAA’s website.  We are building an online 2010 Census Resource Center for LCLAA Chapters and community members with helpful information and tools to ensure that we make our voices heard.