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Labor Rights

LCLAA supports unionizing efforts across the country and denounces any actions taken by employers to intimidate, threaten, and harass workers who try to form unions. LCLAA educates elected and community leaders regarding the important role collective bargaining plays in strengthening communities. We ask our allies to stand openly with workers trying to exercise their right to form a union.

LCLAA works with international unions to reach out to Latino working families.  LCLAA supports the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) which will allow employees to seek mediation and arbitration in securing a first contract and increase penalties against employers who violate the law.

image001LCLAA is opposed to the hiring of foreign workers if the jobs are not made available to American workers first.

LCLAA demands that agricultural employers abide strictly  by the Code of Regulations set forth by the Department of Labor with regards to migrant and seasonal agricultural workers; ensuring their protection as well as the enforcement of contractual obligations.  LCLAA calls for penalties to be imposed on employers who violate such regulations.

LCLAA joins farm worker organizations in opposition to the recent Department of Labor administrative changes to the H-2A program.  These changes weaken legal requirements on farmworker recruitment and adequate housing for agricultural workers. This is by all means unacceptable.  LCLAA advocates for the protection of the labor rights of all workers, regardless of their gender, religion, race, ethnicity, place of origin or legal status.

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