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LCLAA strongly supports comprehensive immigration reform that takes into consideration demographic changes, national security, family reunification as well as the impact of trade agreements on immigration to the U.S. LCLAA believes that immigration policies need to protect the civil and human rights of all immigrants.

LCLAA also advocates for humane immigration enforcement that respects the human rights of undocumented immigrants and takes into account the needs of U.S. citizens.  LCLAA is opposed to home and workplace raids that tear families apart.  Over 3 million U.S. citizen children have at least one parent that is undocumented.  The future of U.S. citizens cannot be jeopardized due to the inability of the U.S. Congress to achieve a comprehensive solution to the current immigration problem.

LCLAA supports legislation such as AgJobs which allows guest workers to meet U.S. labor shortages, and encourages undocumented workers to report their presence and enter the legalization process without denying them the protection of their labor rights.

LCLAA opposes any legislation that tries to establish guest worker programs that promote the violation of undocumented workers’ rights.

LCLAA opposes the DHS initiative to have the Social Security Administration send “No-Match” letters to employers because they have been used as a way to intimidate unionized and non-unionized workers who try to assert their rights in the workplace.

LCLAA strongly supports the AFL-CIO’s lawsuit against the DHS “Safe Harbor Procedures for Employees Who Receive a No-Match Letter”.

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