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image001LCLAA recognizes that affordable housing is essential to the stability, empowerment and economic advancement of Latino working families.  LCLAA supports the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which prohibits discrimination on the base of race, religion, and national origin in the sale or rental of housing.

LCLAA opposes predatory practices in the prime and sub-prime mortgage lending market.  These unscrupulous lending practices induced the housing crisis the country is currently facing, resulting in home foreclosures throughout the country.  LCLAA supports legislation that will regulate lending practices and will strictly enforce penalties on those who victimize homebuyers.

LCLAA supports legislation that provides funding for programs that educate consumers about homeownership and ways to protect themselves from predatory lenders.

LCLAA supports legislative initiatives at the federal, state and local level that seek to facilitate access to; or provide funding for; adequate housing for working families.  LCLAA supports legislation that will provide a variety of incentives for housing rehabilitation.

LCLAA demands that guest workers be provided with safe and adequate living conditions.  We support efforts and legislative initiatives to provide guest-workers with decent and standard living conditions.  LCLAA supports enforcement actions to bring to justice those who put the lives of vulnerable workers at risk by subjecting them to a hazardous and substandard living environment.